Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our System is Totaled-Economically, Socially, Morally & Spiritually


So how can a nation like America, which is primarily a Christian nation allow the rise of Zionist power structure? They are in on it, they agree with it, they are actively helping the Jews take over the world. That is why they will erase any ‘Israel did 911′ graffiti. That one piece of information is totally damning to the Christian belief system.

A Christian is possessed by Bible memes and is brainwashed to support Israel, because to go against Israel is to go against God Almighty. 

There is no justifying Navy sniper Chris Kyle. He murdered innocent people, he ruined many loving families by shooting in the head a mother or a father or a child. Chris Kyle literally killed ‘family values’. Chris Kyle was a monster, he murdered for the Jewish controlled American state. Chris Kyle turned his Christian hate against the other, he willingly did the bidding of his Jewish masters. Chris Kyle was a Jew whore.

The Holy Bible has brought hell into this realm. The Holy Bible is a racist Jewish (manipulated) propaganda document. What ever you think it is doing for you, filling you up, making your own prejudice warm within your demented soul, the Bible is a hell book wrecking the modern world.


So while you Christians are holding it dear, clutching your little black magic book like God wrote it, lol, become aware the end times destruction you're living is caused by this book. You are responsible for what you are doing. Worshipping the Holy Bible and Israel is the real Abomination of Desolation, the total destruction of your soul.

So this idea that Christians are against the New World Order is a joke, they are doing more than any other group to drive us into the Apocalypse and the resulting rise of the Jewish supremacist world government that rules the world from Israel. Want proof, they always use the deception, the New World Order meme and not what it really is – the Jewish World Order.

America can not hear the truth about 911 or Jewish involvement because Americans are psychically owned by the enemy. If Israel did 911 then everything America has done since 911, like the wars against innocent Muslims, is wrong, criminal, insane. Everything America has done since 911 is wrong, immoral, are actions of the criminally insane and Christians are allied to this malevolent force. America, like the Trade Towers, is fallen, because of their incessant whoreship of Israel/jews!

Imagine if a nation did to Israel what Israel did to America on 911. The Jew would revolt, the Jew would organize, the Jew would protest, the Jew would take action, be radical, make waves, blow shit up. Israel did 911, Americans yawn, then they go to church and play Bingo. The Jews are radical, Americans are civilized sheep, that’s why they rule, you have not the spine to fight back.

The Bible was not written by God, it was written by Jews. It is a instruction manual of Jewish evil. It’s time to wake up and see it for what it is. It’s time for radical action. We have a right to exist and god damn the religious who protect evil. I say we burn their goddamn churches down, because that is where they are recruiting and brainwashing more allies of Israel.

America has been killed, the nation is a rotting carcass compared to her glory days when she was still innocent fair maiden, now she is an ugly old Jew whore, used up by Jew, and soon to be cast aside as supremacist Jewry makes its final move to take the world. American Christians were played as fools. ~YukonJack

Saturday, June 25, 2016


By its manipulations, America is committing horrific crimes that as Americans, we were always taught to fight countries that exhibited this kind of behavior. Now it is the U.S. exhibiting this kind of barbaric behavior, and if not doing it themselves, then hiring poverty stricken thugs from all of the world to do it for them. 

I know by now that this is kind of an old story, as by now anyone with a brain realizes that 9/11 was a fraudulent event that gave the madmen who control the levers of power the right to wage perpetual war against anybody who has anything America wanted to steal. And since the U.S. is utterly controlled by Jews, that means every country in the world.

This pattern of balls-to-the-wall brutality has been repeated a sickening number of times, especially since 9/11. Can Americans honestly admit their own atrocities? The drone murders at Afghan weddings. Fallujah. Benghazi. And now the people of eastern Ukraine being killed in their own homes by their own government, with the smug approval of Barack Obama’s government.

But what really sticks in my craw — and in the craws of everybody I know — is the sheer brutality, the sheer disregard for decency and propriety, that American presidents and their Congressional stooges display on a daily basis to the rest of the world. 

Americans are directly responsible for all these slaughters, but the average, run-of-the-mill American either pretends not to know about these crimes, or, even worse, because they are so distracted by their own meaningless trivia, really doesn’t know what his government is doing to all these innocent people.

If America ever lost its supremacy in the world, the rest of the world would slaughter us all without a second thought — and based on the way we have behaved as a nation, we would deserve to be slaughtered.

Throughout the 20th century and even before, the American people have put their heads in the sand and let their leaders conduct colossal atrocities, and then let them call themselves heroes and twist the facts to turn mass murder into noble self defense, to turn dastardly premeditated murder into valiant heroism. While innocent people are losing their lives and their property all over the world, Americans keep their heads tucked into their electronic devices and pretend that they cannot hear the screams of people who are being murdered every day.

These hollow people stage festive events for their soldiers who come home alive, and try to shut their minds to the high percentage of soldiers who kill themselves soon after they come home because the horrific and hypocritical events they have been made to endure have rendered them already dead inside.

The urgent events in Ukraine, Syria, and now Iraq again are just more of the same, a century old tradition of mass murder spun into heroic deeds that Americans pretend are not happening because their soccer matches and their tennis tournaments and the appointments they have to keep that make them totally artificial people are more important than the bleeding and screaming they are causing by their indifference.

For the slender percentage of Americans who are actually awake, it is impossible not to notice that this loss of respectability — the rapid slide of American culture into a sadistic self-mutilation of all its values — is the direct result of the Jewish takeover of every aspect of our lives, from school curricula that regurgitate falsified mainstream history to the twisted psychological jargon that values perversion over normalcy to the phony political stories that camouflage mass murder as national defense.

The only way to begin to unravel these deceptions that have led the human species far down the road to mass suicide is to identify the real source of power that is deliberately leading us toward our graves. As long as it is kept secret and we are kept in the dark, we are doomed and there is no hope for our continued existence.

So powerful is the Jewish grip on American consciousness today that even the most popular writers are afraid to venture into that forbidden zone of attaching the names of Jewish criminals to the crimes that are being committed. The devastating crimes of derivatives and foreclosures, of course, all trace back to the Jewish owned Federal Reserve, which has plundered American fortunes for an entire century yet remained concealed behind the random names of various brokerage houses.

Failure to name these Jewish perps and treat them as they deserve to be treated means the bankruptcy of the country and the eventual pauperization and starvation of the vast majority of the American population.

If the American people are so vacuous that they can’t neutralize their own criminal leadership, then the American people themselves deserve whatever the rest of the world can throw at them to stop this sadistic abuse and immoral abuse of the world.

Unfortunately, before that can happen, most Americans will be eliminated by their own leaders over whom they have lost control, whether by deliberately created pandemics carried by uncountable alien shock troops eagerly admitted by politicians who want to dilute the American electorate, or by steroid-addled cops trained in Israel who murder average citizens who have committed no crime.

There is no appeal to the justice system. There is no longer any justice there. Only totalitarian greed remains there, so you don’t have to be guilty to be convicted (if they decide to try you instead of just kill you). The people appointed to protect you are all too willing to lie to put you in jail.

The only possible chance to reverse the world slide into absolute tyranny is to do to those who oppress us — Jews and their hired whores and killers — what they for hundreds of years have successfully done to us. No other policy will do.

Any other course will cost you your life.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Ever notice how honest kids are? And how a rebuke from a child can cut through the heart of man deeper than another adult? 

The Real Reason the jews Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teaching...PART I


J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) woke up to the whole truth about the jews in the 1950s (he was anti-Hitler in the 1930s and '40s, then saw how Britain changed AFTER the war), but he had to cloak it as adventure novels to get the truth published......

“ worm tongue” is a cunning, lying troll who for some reason is able to incredibly manipulate people to evil ends with their voices. the trance that worm tongues put their victims into is similar to a snake that hypnotizes its prey, before it eats them.

Most televangelists, used-car salesmen, politicians, hookers, drug dealers and lawyers have worm tongues and have to the power to seduce people.

on the web, a lot of chatrooms and blogs have wormtongues that appear to be on one side of an issue or else neutral but in reality are very biased and working for the other side. this is especially true in the case of religious or political issues. (crypto-jews)

the term’s origins have nothing to do with lord of the rings or harry potter. it existed long before either fiction was created.

The Real Reason the jews Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teaching...PART II

Friday, June 10, 2016


Jewish murder and bloodlust in Palestine, remind people about Jews now

It is a good opportunity with all of this Palestinian stuff going on to remind people that the Jews are a demon. They have never ever been persecuted but instead use this as cover while they commit the most heinous and disgusting crimes. Just like they would never leave Germany alone, agitating, instigating and funding two world wars, destroying them through their ‘allied powers’ and fabricated a holocaust to justify the genocide of the European peoples, today they ‘defend themselves’ against a largely unarmed, and largely kept in Palestinian populace. It could be obvious to anyone what Israel has been doing.
The Jews are out in the open lying, and killing. People can see this, and the Jews don’t look like such perfect little persecuted victims anymore. Constant reports of Israeli forces bombing and killing, meanwhile Israel, Netanyahu and international Jewry say the same ‘we are defending ourselves’. It does not add up when it happens over and over again.
Every day on the controlled media, are reports and footage of Israeli strikes and Palestinian destruction. Bombing this and bombing that, Israel has been shelling UN Refugee Camps and Schools. Every time they bomb or shell a place they say the same ‘this is where Hamas was launching the rockets’. It is all they can say. There is never any evidence of these rockets. They blow up Schools and Hospitals, and they have to say ‘that was actually a missile launching site’ They count the death toll, its cited on the news and the media air’s a press conference with Netanyahu in which he says ‘it’s a travesty of fairness’ and ‘a travesty of justice’ that the UN is going to look into this.
Grotesque and Inhuman
Benjamin Netanyahu. These pictures show a broad amount of expressions to make visible his resemblance to many other individuals of his race.
You are hearing all about Palestinians getting killed, and then the next thing that you hear, strait afterwards as the next part of the news segment is a Netanyahu conference saying ‘a travesty of fairness’ and ‘a travesty of justice’ that the UN is launching an enquiry into Israel’s conduct. Netanyahu says that Palestinians using human shields is ‘grotesque and inhuman’. That is supposed to be their excuse for why they are shooting massive amounts of civilians. We are supposed to believe this unsubstantiated, made up claim. The Jewish murderers are in there killing people and then they project the evil onto the Palestinians and blame them, for what cannot be verified… There is an old adage, ‘the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’.
I had a little chuckle when they mentioned that the UN is saying that they might have committed crimes against humanity. I laughed because obviously the UN Human Rights Commissioner must not have been told that the UN exists for the Jews. It is a Jewish Creation. The non-Jews in it seem to be a bit of a problem for the Jews at the moment. However the overriding ‘jewyness’ of the UN is made apparent when their response to ‘war crimes’ is to ‘investigate them’ and stating that Israel has rights as an ‘Occupying Power’. A correct response to deal with certain Jewish problems of them claiming a homeland and geocoding the owners ought to be to condemn the Jews properly maybe classify them a biological criminal people, then take steps to eliminate their dealings with other peoples.
A Palestinian was interviewed; called Israel occupiers, it’s not just like a neighbour you have trouble with, they occupy every inch of our soil. Says that Australia sides with Israel and that they would plead that Australia takes a middle of the road approach, even if they don’t want to support us. Envoy in Israel confirms that Australia would stand with Israel. This reflects badly on Israel and it reflects badly on the rest of the world too. It is making Israel look like the criminals they are, and Australia for ‘standing with them’. All the so called ‘western democracies’, ‘western powers’, these same powers that laid waste to an independent Germany 70 years ago are being shown to not be the lovers of peace and the ‘civilised’ nations that they pretend to be.
Stunted little Jew Netanyahu and the Nigger apes they have got over a formerly Nordic Country.
Stunted little Jew Netanyahu and the Nigger apes they have got over a formerly Nordic Country.
Benjamin Netanyahu. Look at those ears
Benjamin Netanyahu. Look at those ears
The people it should be obvious to the most are actually the Jews. They must listen to the news reports and get scared because at the moment they are not looking so perfect and they rely on everybody feeling sorry for them. The lie that everything they bomb or shell is a ‘missile launching site’ is not a particularly good lie, and it is an overused lie. Netanyahu is trying to call everyone names but it’s all getting out, the people that they are killing. A lot of people should be seeing jews lying out in the open at this time. It is not just the anti-Semites this time that can see the Jews lying. This time many people should be able to. It is these conditions of open Jewish crimes that in the past, have led to pogroms and expulsions against the Jews. Unfortunately what always happens next is the jews complain about being persecuted, they pretend to be poor, they pretend to be a needy and starving ‘religious group’ and the whole cycle repeats itself for someone else under the human maggot. If a true scientific understanding can be reached, in which it is concluded that the Jew is just a parasite, that is negative towards the rest of the world, essentially a world decomposer, or mongreliser, the Jewish Question may be answered forever. For now it is a good time to remind people about the jews, while their mask is not fitting as nicely.
– Aidhan


Top 10 facts that you didn’t know about Jews

This list was written by a good friend of mine the other night. Did you know these 10 facts about Jews? 
Top 10 facts that you didn’t know about Jews:
1#. Jews believe Christians and Gentiles are evil vile worthless forms of life, and that Jesus, being their leader, should be punished in hell for eternity by being boiled in alive in hot human excrement forever.
#2. The Talmud, the Jewish bible, teaches that all non-Jews are worthless objects, and that it is mandatory and a privilege for a Jew to commit usury upon a non-Jew, failure to do so results in a Jew losing their Jewish honour.
#3. Jews control every aspect of American government policy; they outnumber non-Jews by at least 10 to 1 in white-house as well as all other major American governmental agencies and control every aspect of American foreign and governmental policy.
#4. The national citizenship laws of Israel are even more racist than the apartheid-era citizenship laws of South Africa. Unless someone has Jewish ethnicity, and can prove that ethnicity by extended family history, they are not legally obliged to have Israeli citizenship.
#5. In the 1930s American Jews collectively honoured the Rothschild family of international Jewish bankers as being the most honorary and privileged sect of Jews. They honoured their Jewish hero in a typically perverted mannerism, by making a film of the Rothschild family in which the Rothschild Patriarch cheats his host country by faking poverty to avoid paying collective income taxations.
#6. The Soviet Communist Party leadership was almost 99% Jewish, the Jewish leaders of the communist movement in the soviet-union deliberately changed their surnames to the most Russian-sounding names of all, and deliberately hid their Jewish ancestry to make out that they were ethnic Russians and not Jews.
#7. The anti-defamation-league, or ADL, promotes multiculturalism, racial interbreeding, and cultural acceptance and tolerance, yet advocates Jewish interrelationships and Jewish culture and promotion of orthodox Jewish values which teach that all non-Jews are worthless trash that have no method of existence other than to serve jews.
#8. New York City boasts one of the largest Jewish populations in the world; it is also the centre of large commercial Jewish mega-banks that control world-politics, world-religion, and world opinion. They are also the centre of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the centre of all world economic downfalls and especially the great depression of the 1930s.
#9. The Jewish religion is particularly perverted in its moral doctrines, it teaches that immoral and lewd acts are acceptable amongst Jews, and generally has a penchant for non-natural, sick, deprived and vile forms of behaviour are tolerable and promoted.
#10. In 1898 the international Jewish community held a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, in which only the top rabbis and elders of the international Jewish community attended, in it, it was collectively decided that Jews would completely take over the world in the 20th century, by whatever means possible, and that Jewish world domination was the ultimate goal of Jews in the 20th century period.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


At least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least
Well at least Trump said this and at least Trump said that
at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least
Well at least Putin said this and at least Putin said that
at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least
That is what it’s come to. That is how utterly desperate some people in this struggle have allowed themselves to become. How sad. How incredibly pathetic. To think of all that information collecting they have done over many years, all those evenings amassing data and knowledge on The New World Order. Some claim to be fully jew-wise and aware of the history of the trickery these reptiles are capable of, fully aware of the hubris of these creatures and how there is no limit to their deception, and how they play out their same ol’ tricks again and again and again. Yet these Truth seekers with their compendium of books fall for this blatant trickery again and again and again. Just because of at least ….
Wake up – wake up – wake up ——— you utter morons.
Grow up – grow up – grow up ——— you ridiculous overgrown children
Us gullible goys are our own worst enemy. When will we stop being hoodwinked by these deceivers? When?
And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the average sleepy Joe who votes anyway. But it’s even prominent players in this movement – that’s what’s so scary to me. How even they can’t see this scam. They dish out excuses that “Well we can capitalise on this spokesman. I know he’s pro Israel, but at least ….he’s saying things in our favour and we can use this in order to wake others up.”
Nooooooooo you fools. Of course you can’t fuckin use this in any conceivable way. He is no use to us whatsoever. Whatsoever!! A trap is a trap. Deception by the jews is deception by the jews. Trump offers us no favours and is no credit to the Truth at any level. Trump is a jewish-controlled tool to destroy whitey. But yet again, many gullible goys have fallen for a saccharine-coated toxic pill.
The only snippet of use is that we could turn up at Trump rallies with boxes of fliers and blitz the rallies with jew-wise Truth. But most of these Trumpies won’t be doing that. Anyway, that is no excuse to openly suggest that Trump is in any way favourable for the Truth – when he is toxic to the Truth.
I’m curious to see how many Trumpies, (who also claim to be troofers) will get back to us in a couple of years when they discover he has toed the line exactly to the JWO agenda (per plan); and turned out worse than Obama. Will they get back to us with their tail between their legs and say “Oh shit! I’ve been had – again. What a gullible fool I’ve been”? We best not count on it.
Trump ticks many boxes for these dirty rats:
1. Pressure valve
This smooth talking friend of the jews is a breath of fresh air to most people who have no hope. A glimmer of light for those who can now see the white genocide happening. “Pheww – at least someone is speaking common sense and against political correctnessYeaahhh – go go go Trump.”
2. Subconsciously obfuscates responsibility
Many people feel that they don’t have to put any effort into doing their bit to fight this tyranny. Because now someone else, some external force is going to do it for them. Brush your hands, put on your Trump baseball cap, all taken care off; now you can get back with your hum drum life. Sorted.
Trump is just like Alex Jones, or David Icke in that they give you a whiff of the Truth and a dollop of false hope that your issues are being addressed. That there are spokesmen on the main stage who are speaking out on your behalf. But they are just catchment nets, scooping up and defusing all our potential – our potential activists who collectively just may make a difference.
3. Perpetuates the jewish dialectic
The blue team verses the red team. Now how many times have they used this trick before on us? Erhhhmm – about three million times perhaps? And there are some of us who ‘still’ fall for it. Shame on you! Good ol democracy hey, you can’t beat it. Isn’t it just great to have choice and control of our future – ha.
4. Data collection
At some level this is a method of monitoring to what degree the goy are waking up. To what extent are we aware of their agenda. Of course they are monitoring the awakening via the internet and fractional political groups; but the voting is where most people who are not activists make a bit of an effort to express their opinions. Voting is almost a confirmation certificate for world jewry.
What is it with many people in this cause that they cannot see that ANYONE presented to us at any top/popular level – be it political candidate, president, mega pop stars, popular Truth-tellers, sports heroes, health gurus, fashion gurus, whatever –  ARE ALL PUPPETS WORKING FOR THE JEWISH AGENDA(?) It ain’t rocket science. It is only our false sense of hope that keeps tripping us up every single time. The jews are laughing at us, in our faces; that people in this struggle who really ought to know better have fallen for their deception – yet again.
Arrhhh, but THIS TIME it’s going to be different isn’t it? Somehow this time it’s not deception. No, this time there really is a public figure out there on the main stage who is speaking up for us and going to give us the change we desperately need. It doesn’t matter about Trump’s many jewish connections – just dismiss them all from your mind and clasp onto to false hope instead. Just as your naive parents did and their parents before them. Methodologies don’t really change, trickery has no real time zones; it’s just packaged differently.
at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least, at least....

The Holo[$]hoax and the Phony Six Million

The Holo[$]hoax and the Phony Six Million: I know that the official version of the Holocaust™ regarding the alleged systematic extermination of six million jews via homicidal gas chambers is complete nonsense, do you? This post will demonstrate why without even looking into the cold hard facts one can easily recognize the official version of the shoah as fraudulent and the six million number to be the occult jewish religious myth that it is.

Monday, June 6, 2016



Skin head, dead head 
Everybody gone bad 
Situation, aggravation 
Everybody allegation 
In the suite, on the news 
Everybody dog food 
Bang bang, shot dead 
Everybody's gone mad 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

Beat me, hate me 
You can never break me 
Will me, thrill me 
You can never kill me 
Jew me, Sue me 
Everybody do me 
Kick me, kike me 
Don't you black or white me 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

Tell me what has become of my life 
I have a wife and two 
children who love me 
I am the victim of 
police brutality, now 
I'm tired of bein' the victim of hate 
You're rapin' me of my pride 
Oh, for God's sake 
I look to heaven to 
fulfill its prophecy... 
Set me free 

Skin head, dead head 
Everybody gone bad 
trepidation, speculation 
Everybody allegation 
In the suite, on the news 
Everybody dog food 
black man, black mail 
Throw your brother in jail 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

Tell me what has become of my rights 
Am I invisible because you ignore me? 
Your proclamation promised 
me free liberty, now 
I'm tired of bein' the victim of shame 
They're throwing me in a 
class with a bad name 
I can't believe this is the 
land from which I came 
You know I do really hate to say it 
The government don't wanna see 
But if Roosevelt was livin' 
He wouldn't let this be, no, no 

Skin head, dead head 
Everybody gone bad 
Situation, speculation 
Everybody litigation 
Beat me, bash me 
You can never trash me 
Hit me, kick me 
You can never get me 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

Some things in life they 
just don't wanna see 
But if Martin Luther was livin' 
He wouldn't let this be 

Skin head, dead head 
Everybody gone bad 
Situation, segregation 
Everybody allegation 
In the suite, on the news 
Everybody dog food 
Kick me, kike me 
Don't you wrong or right me 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 

All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us 
All I wanna say is that 
They don't really care about us

Michael Jackson on the Jews: